Oct 26

Leslie Camacho - Foundations: ExpressionEngine 2.0

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5:01pm on Monday 26th October, 2009

Leslie Camacho, the President of EllisLab, described the journey to EE 2.0.

You can watch or download Leslie’s keynote presentation at Vimeo, and his slides can be found on Slideshare.

The Journey

  • This week brings the cone of silence to an end, and sets the foundation for the next 5-6 years
  • The original pMachine Pro site was built by Rick Ellis for Nancy Sinatra, and ran on PHP3
  • The community that grew up around pMachine Pro was using it as a CMS, not as a blogging tool
  • The EllisLab team all come from a freelance background; it’s very much a tool “by web developers, for web developers”
  • ExpressionEngine has never been called a CMS internally; we call it a “web publishing platform”
  • We underestimated the amount of work 2.0 would take; version 1.6.8 has 168,000+ lines of code and hundred of add-ons
  • Some example sites running EE: Vodafone Mobile Clicks, SEED, A List Apart, BMI Music, Change.gov, Frieze magazine, Leiden University
  • These aren’t websites, they are custom web applications. Our CMS needs to bridge with other solutions, tight integration is a necessity. EE is used as a framework
  • Success for web developers means the ability to deliver custom web applications. The line between website and web application is disappearing
  • Foundation > Features. EE 2.0’s foundation is that it is the best commercial CMS, proven in the market, and CodeIgniter is a highly-praised framework (Rasmus Lerdorf, inventor of PHP, says it is the best)
  • So EE + CI = next generation web publishing

ExpressionEngine 2.0

  • EE 2.0 has over 50 new features, a new UI, image editing and a file manager
  • EE 2.1 will return to the normal EllisLab development cycle, and will be a performance/stability/security release
  • Pricing: $149 non-commercial license, $299 commercial license, $50 to upgrade from 1.6.3+, and a $99 freelancer license for up to 5-man web shops to use on their own sites
  • Also introducing corporate licensing and support
  • 1.6.8 will be available to download with every 2.0 license
  • Via a video clip of CTO Derek Jones: 2.0 will have custom fieldtypes, an iPhone control panel, and be released on December the 1st 2009
  • An exclusive look at EE 2.0 will start on EEInsider on Monday 26th October


Will modules in 2.0 just be able to make calls directly into the CodeIgniter API/modules?
(Derek Allard) Yes.

How much will Multiple Site Manager cost?
Haven’t yet decided for MSM. Corporate license will be expensive.

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    Philip Zaengle at 12:04am on 27th October, 2009 #

    It’s a too bad that Change.gov is switching over to drupal. Wonder why the change…